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Disillusioned and Searching?
Are you disillusioned with Christianity or the church, sensing there must be more than what you've experienced so far? Do you find yourself exploring meditation and Eastern religious traditions because they seem to have beneficial practices that traditional Christianity lacks? Do you desire to experience inner depth and outer fulfillment in your life, but you’re not sure if Christianity as-you-know-it can deliver?
If so, you are not alone.
There is a WAY.
The lost Christian Path of Transformation is practical for daily life.  If you had more time for exploration and experimentation, you could probably be your own spiritual scientist and read the books, attend the retreats, and test out various teachings and practices to see what works and what doesn’t. But we understand you have little time to be a spiritual archaeologist and dig for the lost teachings and practices of Christian transformation, so that’s why we’ve done this initial work for you.
Inside this book you'll learn about

The First Major SHIFT you can make to begin moving out of disillusionment and into the wisdom of Jesus.

How much of the enlightening WISDOM of Jesus and his core practices for living an abundant life  have been LOST in translation.

A uniquely Christian ROADMAP to ENLIGHTENMENT that is embedded in the Christian Scriptures.

One simple spiritual practice you can begin using immediately to help you WALK in the Light today.

We're Michael Sciretti, Jr., Ph.D. 
and Rex Foster, Ph.D.
As leaders in churches, contemplative life coaches and teachers, as well as retreat and workshop facilitators, we meet many people who are disillusioned with traditional Christianity and what it means to be Christian.

There are good reasons you feel disillusioned with traditional Christianity – it’s because we have LOST many aspects of what made CHRISTIANITY a transformational path for its earliest followers.
We call this LOST CHRISTIANITY, and we invite you to explore it with us. After years studying the history of Christianity (Michael has a Ph.D. in it), practicing contemplative prayer (30+ years combined between the two of us), and experimenting with what has been called The Work of Inner Christianity, we want to share what makes Christianity relevant, practical, and transformational for us.
As Featured In:
There is existing, and then there is LIVING.
If you feel like you are sleepwalking through life, there is a Way of Awakening.
If you feel like you are stuck, there is a Path of Resurrection.
If you feel like you are wandering in the dark, there is a Road to Enlightenment.
Fellow Travelers
Before being exposed to Michael’s teaching, my spiritual journey was stalling out. I was doing the best I could, but I knew there was something more. I was also being confronted with the question, “How do I really want to spend the rest of my life?” Being in my mid-60s, I knew it was a lot shorter than what was behind me.
Michael immediately began helping me take the terribly long and tedious journey from my head to my heart. His teaching helped me see ways I was “asleep” and needed to “wake up.” He opened up a new way of approaching Christianity by exposing me to fresh translations of Scripture and fresh ways to process texts with an eye to opening the heart. He taught me simple songs (chants) and ways to pray with the body that continue to outline the way I center myself and open my heart to God and others.
Now, I can open my heart more, to things that cause great joy and pain, and be able to hold those in love. I am more quickly aware of when my little self, my ego, gets caught in dualistic thinking and can “wake up” to choose love in the moment. What Michael brings may seem out of kilter to what you have done and been told all your life, but what it will really do is enhance and enlighten you to what it means to try to live and be the hands and feet of Christ, to move forward with the mind of Christ. And he does this in the context of a community of fellow seekers, which I found to be transformational.
Dr. Carroll Bailey
Coming out of Catholicism, I felt like I needed to prove my worth. I was so results-oriented that I inevitably felt like I failed a lot. Even after I became a Baptist and was told all my answers were in the Bible, I came to the realization that wasn’t the full story and more was needed for the transformation I longed for.

Michael helped me discover there were answers to questions I didn’t even know there were questions for. He helped me find a way to declutter my mind and enter into relationship at the level of the heart, moving from “head-knowledge” to “heart-knowing.”
I now know there is nothing I have to do to prove my worth. There is nothing to earn. I am already “there.” Now, it’s a practice of remembering and realizing this truth. This has led me to be a lot more patient with myself and with the people around me. I’m learning to let go and see everything as an opportunity to center and return to God. With Michael’s help, I’m also learning the ability to accept the Mystery, welcome the Mystery, and be part of the Mystery.

If you’re thinking about working with Michael, I’d encourage you to keep an open mind and heart. If you are not willing to hold lightly everything you know and have been taught, you will buck at every pull of the reign. So be patient. Your mindset is going to be changed and your heart will open more.

Deborah Antony
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